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Photography service what to expect

What should I expect

Our goal is for each experience to be collaborative and equally rewarding to both our clients and the creatives. To help ensure this happens, we believe it is critical to establish clear operating guidelines both effective and efficient.


All properties will be shot AS IS. Properties should be in showing condition when the photographers arrive (See: How to Prepare a Home for its Photoshoot).

  1. Unless arranged before hand, we allocate one hour for filming on each order.
  2. The photographers are not responsible for moving any articles, furniture or cleaning.
  3. If certain shots or angels are desired, the agent or homeowner must specify these requests prior to or at the time of shooting. If no special requests have been made, the photographers will use their experience and discretion to capture the shots and angels they feel best showcase the property.
  4. Small bathrooms, powder rooms and garages are not considered a shooting priority unless the agent or homeowner requests otherwise.
  5. The photographers are on a schedule, so any preventable delays during or prior to filming may result in a detention time fee.

Delivery of media:

  1. Our standard service package includes a website, photos, video, 360 virtual tour, and PDF flyer.
  2. Aerial video is regularly used to enhance a project. However, we add no additional fee or grant any guarantee of its inclusion. Many factors affect when and where flight is allowed.
  3. Each project is completed within 24 hours of the scheduled film date (Jobs filmed on Fridays and weekends will be completed that following Monday).


  1. Within 14 days of your projects completion, we provide one free revision to the photos and/or video. Any subsequent change requests - will be billed at an hourly rate.
  2. To initiate a change request, we ask you to provide us a detailed list of the items you would like changed. We shall make every effort to correct these issues within 24 business hours.
  3. We archive raw video footage for 14 days. After this time has passed our ability to make any video changes is severely limited. If you know, you may need to make changes out further than 14 days just let us know, and we can make accommodations.


  1. There is no fee for orders canceled or rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. However, if less then 24 hours notice is given your account will be subject to a $99 fee.
  2. Jobs rescheduled due to rain will not incur a fee unless, advanced notice of the weather condition is given, and you still request the photographers attempt to film. In that case a cancelation fee will apply.
  3. Photographers will not film any exterior shots in the rain, although you may request them to shoot interior shots only based upon the agreement of the photographers.


  1. If a photo reshoot is requested, at no fault of the photographer a fee of $199 will be applied to go back.
  2. If a video reshoot is requested, at no fault of the videographer fee of $199 will be applied to go back.
  3. If we are at fault for missing a specifically requested shot, no return fee will be charged.

Weekend/Holiday Rates

  • Weekend and Holiday filming is subject to a 50% percent fee increase.

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