I'd like my brand information added to a video

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Branding options

Many real estate agents like to display their branding just prior and/or after their video is played. We call these pre-rolls and post-rolls (also often referred to as intro's and outro's).

We can add these video clips to your account, and going forward we will render two video files automatically. One with branding that we'll use on your single property website and one without branding that you can provide to the MLS.

What we need

  • MP4 file, no longer than 15 seconds.
  • Video Resolution must be at least 720p

Don't have this yet, but want it:

Contact Qwikvid customer care at 800-971-3206, and we'll work with you to create one. We offer various motion graphic options from simple templates to fully customizable projects built from scratch.

Prices start at $250 per clip.

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