How do I move my video to an iPad

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real estate video to ipad

I need to save a video on my iPad:

  • I want to play the video from my iPad and don't have a internet connection.
  • I have a slow internet connection, and my video doesn't play.

Here is how to get a video file onto your iPad:

  1. Find the video "download" link in your order completion email and save the file to a desktop or laptop computer - not your iPad.
  2. After the file has finished downloading to your desktop / laptop computer, find the .mp4 file
  3. Next make sure your iPad is connected to the desktop / laptop and Launch iTunes.
  4. Drag the .mp4 file onto your device in iTunes in the area titles "On My Device".
itunes transfer video
  1. Sync your device.
  2. Now from your iPad go to: Video > Home Videos and play your video.

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