The following are answers to frequently asked questions

How long will it take you to film and photograph the home?
We know your time is valuable so we try to keep it to 30 minutes. However depending on the size of each home more time may be required.
Does someone need to be home?
Unless the home is vacant, we require an adult 18 to be present.
Should I do anything special to prepare for the photo shoot?
Nothing more than you'd normally do for an open house. Our photographers know what shots they're looking for. We may ask to move things around a bit, but rest assurd we put it back just as it was when we arrived.
Does it cost anything to make changes to my listing?
Of course not. In fact you have full control over each of your listings. You can login and make instant changes anytime you'd like.
Is it easy to post my video on social-media sites?
Its as simple as 2 clicks. In fact thats what we're best at, and also how we got our start. We are fully integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Which means we dont just give you a link to share that points back to our site., We send the video up on your behalf so it plays nativally on the site(s) of your choosing.
Have more questions? Call: 800-971-3206